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Real Estate and Renewable Energy Conglomerate Launches RenewableOne Franchise System at Franchise Expo South 2010

Miami, FL — January 15, 2010:  RenewableOne, LLC, co-founded by Craig Laher, Managing Director of international real estate development and investment company ProVisions, LLC of Bingham Farms (Detroit), Michigan and prolific inventor Robert D. Hunt of Long Beach, Mississippi, announces the launch of its RenewableOne Franchise Store System.  Hunt, who provided the initial inspiration for RenewableOne, is also founder of a series of successful renewable energy companies, such as Linear Power, Ltd., developer of the long-stroke free-piston engine and Sprague gear transmission that are licensed to Green Well Power the world’s leading company in oil and gas / geothermal co-production, which recently signed a multi-million dollar project financing deal with Free Green Energy of Houston for the conversion of 200 end-of-life oil and gas wells into long-life electrical power generators expected to cost $280 million. Pyramid Solar Renewables, with its flagship product a solar building material for sustainable building design that provides structural load-bearing roofs and walls that produce electrical power, heats and cools buildings, and produces fresh water. The Hunt inspired companies also include the license of the free-piston engine and Sprague gear transmission to Kinetic E, LLC, another joint venture with ProVisions, LLC for the development of a compressed air powered car. The multiple innovative new renewable energy generating products encompass the entire spectrum of renewable energy that will be represented exclusively by and can only be purchased at RenewableOne Franchise Stores as they plan to expand Nationwide.

RenewableOne Co-Founder and CEO Craig Laher, who is also Managing Director of ProVisions, LLC stated, “Once we envisioned the enormous potential from the seamless integration of Mr. Hunt’s renewable energy power generation technologies into building envelopes, as well as Mr. Hunt’s extensive renewable energy company relationships and project renewable energy development expertise combined with our broad based real estate development and “green building” (LEED® Certified) development knowledge and experience, we knew we had the capability to create something truly unique. We then needed a vehicle to bring it all together, which is how and why RenewableOne was formed to deliver the Power in Real Estate.”

Two breakthrough franchise concepts are integrated into the RenewableOne Franchise Concept: (1) The franchise facility itself is an operating power plant with substantial revenues guaranteed by long-term power purchase contracts; and, (2) The “Renewable Energy Deal Room” that draws on the organization’s ability to structure and to finance renewable energy projects, access State and Federal incentives such as the thirty percent renewable energy tax credit rebate on renewable energy investments. Franchisees with support from RenewableOne structure renewable energy projects in the deal room with local accredited investors and become participants in the projects’ revenue stream once the projects are placed in service. The franchisees also have a lot of opportunities outside of the franchise store, such as the sales of renewable energy products to cities, counties, states, hospitals, and military facilities. They also can earn from installations, maintenance, and repair of renewable energy equipment within their franchise service area.

While RenewableOne is placing a great deal of emphasis on it proprietary products and its renewable energy project structuring capabilities, Robert Hunt added, “There are thousands of renewable energy and green products on the market; and, other companies have created very successful renewable energy stores, proving that we are pursuing a valid business model; however, we believe we provide our franchisees a good selection of exclusive renewable energy products that are superior in performance and that deliver capabilities that no competing products can match, such as our solar building material that forms a building’s entire exterior envelope.”

Free Green Energy, headquartered in Houston, Texas was organized in 2008 to finance and develop geothermal and geo-pressured energy resources in order to produce and sell clean, green electricity.

GreenWell Renewable Power, Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada is a leading-edge alternative energy developer that is pioneering the production of electricity using kinetic energy tapped from depleted or end-of-life oil and gas wells.

Kinetic E, LLC headquartered in Bingham Farms (Detroit), MI is a developer of compressed air powered vehicles using the long stroke free piston engine that do not require the use of a crank-shaft. Linear motion is converted to rotary motion using the Sprague gear transmission that always maintains a perfect ninety degree vector angle for more efficient power transfer to create a more efficient engine.

Pyramid Solar Renewables, LLC headquartered in Bingham Farms (Detroit), MI is a developer of “Green” building envelopes featuring sustainable design, structural integrity, and solar renewable energy using its proprietary solar building material that produces electrical power (both through high-intensity photovoltaic and thermal power cycles), heats and cools buildings, produces fresh water, and provides load-bearing roof and wall systems.

Linear Power, Ltd., headquartered in Long Beach, MS is the developer of the long-stroke free piston engine and Sprague gear transmission licensed to GreenWell Renewable Power and Free Green Energy for the oil and gas / geothermal co-production application, Pyramid Solar Renewables for solar thermal power generation, and Kinetic-E for the compressed air power car and the Sprague gear transmission automotive applications.

ProVisions, LLC headquartered in Bingham Farms (Detroit), MI is a multi-national real estate development and investment company engaged in public-private joint ventures, economic development, and the development of LEED® Certified “Green Buildings”.

RenewableOne, LLC, known as the “Power in Real Estate” and headquartered in Bingham Farms (Detroit), MI manufactures and markets renewable energy power generation devices, structures renewable energy projects and performs other services for the renewable energy and green building industries through its RenewableOne Franchise Stores System, which collectively serves as a supermarket, showroom, service center, and referral source for the sale of renewable energy equipment and renewable power sales. For more information contact Craig Laher at 866.738.0750

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