R. Hunt & Associates Properties


We Can Finance Your Land We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to buy land, and we are trying to make it easy for you to purchase a parcel of land by providing financing for you, if needed. We offer a significant discount for paying cash for property. However, if you would prefer to finance at the list price instead of paying cash, we stand ready to serve you. We just ask a little more for waiting so long to get a return on our investment.
R. Hunt & Associates has become a trusted name in real estate. The trust has been earned through numerous real estate transactions that have taken place over many years. To buy land cheaper we buy a large number of parcels each year, which allows us to purchase the highest quality sites at the lowest possible prices. We are thereby able to pass the saving on to you our customer and are able to finance the land that we sell to you to make the process of working with us quick and easy. R. Hunt & Associates Properties is your home to acquire "no down payment owner financed land". There are no credit checks and no prepayment penalties for early payoff. We believe everyone should be offered the opportunity to purchase a tract of land in the United States -- we are here to help you get your piece of the "American Dream".


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