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RenewableOneTM brings additional income, savings, and value-add opportunities to both owners and tenants of commercial real estate through the financial feasibility planning, program management, and operation of renewable energy assets that are uniquely tailored to each new construction Project or existing real estate portfolio.  The payback periods of the renewable energy assets by the company can be as short as 18-36 months. 

In addition, RenewableOneTM identifies for each property owner and/or tenant the best opportunities for public sector financial incentives, including the latest “green” incentive programs, and then works directly with industry experts and economic development officials to deliver and cause the funding of the proceeds. The company also serves as a single resource for earning the potential sustainable design “Credits” related to green power purchasing, on-site renewable energy, and overall energy efficiency toward LEED Certification for new construction, major renovations, commercial interiors, and core and shell development – all at the lowest possible cost in light of today’s challenging real estate market conditions.

In addition, through the RenewableOneTM Center Franchise Opportunity, the company serves the independent power industry, including but not limited to small industrial power producers, as well as retailers and manufacturers of renewable energy equipment. 

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