Company Leadership

Robert D. Hunt
Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Robert D. Hunt is a theoretical physicist, accomplished private inventor, and long-time renewable energy professional holding some 75 patents. Mr. Hunt is considered one of the leading authorities in low temperature power generation; and, he serves as an ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) intellectual property consultant to the Abell Foundation, Baltimore, MD, which has the goal of producing power from the stored solar thermal energy within the world’s oceans — principally for island nations. Mr. Hunt is the author of a number of published technical papers; and, he has made numerous conference presentations in the fields of Aquaculture, Aviation, and in Geothermal Power Generation. News articles have been published regarding Mr. Hunt’s inventions in almost every country in the world – most notably the GravityPlane that was recently featured in two of Japan’s largest magazines during the same month.

Craig Laher
President & Chief Executive Officer

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Craig Laher is President & CEO of RenewableOne, LLC. His primary responsibilities include renewable energy feasibility and development, sustainable design management, real estate leasing, financing and public incentives sourcing.  Mr. Laher is an accomplished renewable energy, real estate and business professional with 20 years experience.

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