RenewableOneTM Center Franchisees are empowered by RenewableOneTM to market renewable energy systems, equipment, and other renewable energy assets with their own active, working “power plant” on site plus our trademark showroom design with renewable energy on display to further renewable energy education, sales, and service center business volumes. The Franchisee can rely on the professional service, training, and on-going support of RenewableOneTM, including, but not limited to the following service areas:

  1. Site Selection
  2. Training by industry experts
  3. Incentives Planning & Negotiation
  4. Feasibility and Financial Pro Formas
  5. Leasing, Lease Preparation, and Negotiation
  6. Power Purchase and Interconnection Agreement Negotiation
  7. Build-to-Suit, Construction, Design and Equipment Installation Management
  8. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED’s) management  
  9. Learn and maintain latest industry best practices for:
    a. Manufacturing
    b. Retail Sales / Showroom
    c. Service Center Operations
    d. Call Center Operation
  10. Exclusive Dealership Program
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