Program Management

As a leader in renewable energy program management and development, RenewableOne delivers value-added services including visioning, planning, complete project management, and financing/ownership options. Our individual services are comparable, or better, than companies who focus on those single services alone. With the ability to combine services which address the unique needs of each client, we are the one company that can provide seamless solutions, such as:

  1. Site Selection
  2. Feasibility and Financial Pro Formas
  3. Incentives Planning & Negotiation
  4. Power Agreement Negotiation
    a. Power Purchase Agreement
    b. Interconnection Agreement
  5. Leasing, Lease Preparation and Negotiation
  6. Engineering Selection and Design Management
  7. Build-to-Suit and Construction Management
  8. Equipment Installation Management
  9. Start-up and Operations Planning
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