Why RenewableOne?

RenewableOne, LLC owns and manages the RenewableOneTM trademark and brand that has given a whole new meaning to the “power” generated by renewable energy. The company’s unique approach to the development of renewable energy assets as a “profit center” typically yields payback periods of 18-36 months and brings extra benefits to your new construction Project or existing commercial real estate portfolio such as:

  • Recurring income streams from selling renewable power back to the utility company.
  • Significant savings on utility bills over the long-term.
  • “Green” public incentive monies beyond the traditional programs driven by job creation.

The development of renewable energy assets that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each new Project site or existing portfolio add value and strength to the business case both during the Project concept / financial feasibility phase and on-going following substantial completion. Let RenewableOne demonstrate to you how renewable energy assets can play a leading role in your Project’s “profit center” while the Project also meets other critical, but more qualitative objectives related to:

  • Corporate edict.
  • Public policy.
  • Environmental consciousness.
  • LEED Certification. Renewable energy accounts for a significant portion of the minimum number of credits toward LEED Certification.

Join the Renewable Energy Revolution

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