Why Renewable Energy?

What exactly is alternative and renewable energy and how can it benefit your business?

A number of factors – from rising social and environmental consciousness of going “green” to new renewable market drivers like favorable legislation and attractive incentives – are making the case for alternative and renewable energy sources as profitable, dependable and sustainable options versus other traditional non-renewable fossil fuel sources.

Renewable energy sources are readily available and replenished naturally. For instance, solar rays, wind velocity and biomass material can be converted into energy, and used to replace rapidly depleting and polluting fossil fuel energy resources. Why are alternative and renewable sources becoming more attractive energy options?

  • Consistency with public policy regarding energy security
  • Response to call for energy price stability
  • Rising global demand for fossil fuels
  • Market drivers and incentives (Renewable Portfolio Standards, Feed-in Tariffs, Tax Credits)
  • Green Movement of higher social & environmental consciousness
  • Rising affordability of renewables with shorter payback periods

From geothermal to solar, RenewableOne professionals are well-versed in the logistical, technical and financial issues surrounding the use of these energy sources. At any stage of your building’s life-cycle, RenewableOne will work with you to provide the program management of the successful design, installation, operations, and maintenance of a renewable energy program that meets your sustainability and profitability goals.

RenewableOne will provide you with:

  • Program Management of the engineering selection, sustainable design, and construction
  • Identification of required public approvals and related assistance
  • Financial feasibility and renewable energy development plan
  • Public incentives planning and negotiations
  • Power Purchase Agreement assistance

Currently, RenewableOne concentrates its efforts in the following alternative and renewable energy resources:

  • Solar Energy
  • Geothermal Power Systems
  • Water
  • Wind
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