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Read Robert Hunt's 60 Second Interview for the GeoPower Americas 2011 Conference



Article in North American Clean Energy Magazine January / February 2011 on Pages 64 & 65 with Linear Power Engine Featured on Page 63


Hunt's TedXAustin Talk Video that Explains how he came to Invent his Revoluntionary Technology that Beneficially Uses Gravity by Observing that in our Natural Environment Thermodynamics and Gravity Work Together to Produce More Power than is Gained by Thermodynamics alone.


Rankine Gas-Lift Process

Download the HUNT PAPER Presented During the GRC 2010 Annual Meeting


NAPE struts new technology

NAPE 2009 Article in the AAPG Explorer

Hunt's Magnetic Top Kill Article and TV Story during the BP Oil Spill  

Exhaust Actuated Free-Piston Engine

Linear Power, Ltd
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Linear Power is a renewable energy technology company that markets the patent pending proprietary exhaust actuated revolutionary free-piston engine invented by Robert Hunt. Linear Power is a privately held company owned by Robert D. Hunt. All rights to the technology are privately held by Hunt.

Robert D. Hunt sole owner of Linear Power, Ltd., is the inventor and owner of the patent pending proprietary rights and is exclusive holder of the right to license the Rankine Cycle Driven Closed-Loop Gas-Lift Geothermal Power Technology, the Exhaust Actuated Free-Piston Engine, and the Sprague Gear Transmission and other proprietary devices described herein. Any claim to this right by any other individual or entity is invalid. Exclusive ownership of this concept has always been in, and remains with, Robert D. Hunt the patent holder individually. 

Mr. Hunt began work on ways and devices to harness the kinetic energy of natural gas wells in 1998; and, early attempts at trying to modify hydro-turbines were unsuccessful because they failed under the harsh oil field conditions of extreme pressure, temperature, and corrosive materials. Not giving up he began development of his long-stroke free-piston engine as a means to produce power from high pressure resources using positive displacement that has recently been successful in field tests. His free piston engine has no crankshaft, which led to further development of and patenting of a revolutionary new Sprague Gear Transmission that converts back-and-forth reciprocating motion into rotation in a single direction.

Click the Image Above to see Video of an older version of the Free-Piston Engine Running on a Blend of Pressurized Gases and Water; and, Video of the Powerful Liquid Propane Powered Gas-Lift Process; and, an animation of the Exhaust Actuated Free Piston Engine that is Robert Hunt Latest Patent Pending Innovation in Free Piston Engine Technology on U-Tube.

The free-piston engine technology represented by Linear Power itself is simple in design and nature, yet genius and unprecedented in its application. The engine can be implemented easily and inexpensively in wide variety of applications.

Mr. Hunt presented his technical paper titled, "Evaluation of the Effect of Gravity on the Total-Flow Geothermal Power Cycle" during the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) 2010 Annual Meeting held in Sacramento, CA on October 24, 2010, published as part of the proceeding. The well received paper explains how the effect of gravity can potentially double the power output of geothermal power generation and solar thermal power using his closed proprietary Rankine cycle powered gas-lift process that gains additional power from gravity by making the water column lighter during the gas-lift process. Click on the drawing to the left to review a copy of the GRC 2010 Technical Paper presented by Mr. Hunt.

Mr. Hunt was a featured speaker at GeoPower Americas 2011 Conference that was held on 24-25 of February of 2011 in San Francisco in the "Commercial Opportunities in Oil and Gas Co-Production" segment of the "Technology Innovation Focus" session of the geothermal conference. Click Here to go to the GeoPower Americas 2011 Conference website

Mr. Hunt was also a featured speaker in two different segments of the Renewable Energy World North America (REWNA) Conference that was held in Tampa, Florida on 8-10 of March 2011. He spoke on the following topics: (1) "The Potential of Oil and Gas / Geothermal Co-Production in Florida"; and, (2) "Deep Drilling in England and Germany and its Potential in the US". Click Here to go to REWNA Conference Website

Click Here to DownLoad the Hunt Paper "The Potential of Oil and Gas / Geothermal Co-Production in Florida" Recently Presented at REWNA 2011 that Provides a Concise Description of the Technology that is Perhaps Presented in a much Easier to Understand Manner within this Document than in Previous Materials.










Affiliates Founded by Inventor Robert D. Hunt that Use Technologies He Developed