RenewableOneTM at a Glance:

  • We envision, plan, develop, and operate renewable energy assets financed by public incentives and/or conventional means in partnership with real estate owners and tenants.
  • We empower our Franchisees to manufacture, sell, operate, and service renewable energy assets.
  • We maintain exclusive relationships with the latest renewable energy technologies.
  • We execute the "Profit Center" approach to renewable energy development.

What can RenewableOne do for you?

  • Develop energy assets with payback periods as short as 18-36 months
  • Generate recurring income from selling renewable power back to the utility company.
  • Realize significant savings on utility bills for the long-term.
  • Obtain "green" and other public incentive monies, through the Stimulus Bill - ARRA of 2009, USDA, Department of Energy, the New Markets Tax Credits Program and other select state and local programs and economic development agencies.
  • Assist in earning Credits toward LEED Certification for your building.
  • Respond to corporate edict.
  • Further public policy.
  • Promote environmental consciousness.
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Market Drivers and Incentives

  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits - 30% cash back from IRS within 60 Days for individuals (no cap)
  • Tax Credit profit offset for businesses with (no cap)
  • "Green Movement" favorable for renewable energy development
  • Feed-in Tariffs being imposed by many states
  • Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards forcing utilities to buy or generate renewable power
  • Growth in Green Building sustainable design is facilitating the development of buildings that use and even rely upon saving or producing renewable energy.