The Future of Concentrated Photovoltaic Power

by Bob Hunt

The future of concentrated photovoltaic power (CPV) lies in building integrated concentrated photovoltaic power (BICPV) with active heat rejection whereby substantial additional efficiency is gained by beneficially using the captured heat for power generation and space conditioning providing heating and cooling with the added benefit that the high gain modules (HGM) used in CPV generate more power because of the higher level of cooling provided by Pyramid Solar Renewables proprietary heat driven refrigeration process. At Pyramid Solar Renewables we believe that this can most effectively be accomplished by creating a structural load-bearing, watertight solar building material from which advanced CPV enclosed structures are initially constructed.

We believe that the future of CPV lies in building integrated distributed solar power generation whereby power and useful heat are co-produced at the point of use. Among the many advantages of this plan is that CPV power plants become useful building structures having solar powered heating and cooling that are much easier to finance, which experts unanimously agree is among the most serious of issues faced by the industry, than are stand alone CPV power plants that often have transmission and connection issues that are solved by the BICPV real estate integration strategy employed by Pyramid Solar Renewables and its sister company RenewableOne.